Charlotte Peacock

Charlotte Peacock

Charlotte Peacock author of Into the Mountain A Life of Nan Shepherd

A freelance writer, Charlotte Peacock is the author of Into the Mountain: A Life of Nan Shepherd.

It’s the first biography of the Scottish writer whose face now adorns the Royal Bank of Scotland’s five-pound note but who, during her lifetime, faded into literary obscurity. 

In the 1930s Nan Shepherd was one of Scotland’s best-known writers. Between 1928 and 1934, she published three novels, The Quarry Wood, The Weatherhouse, and A Pass in the Grampians, as well as a volume of poetry, In the Cairngorms.

Then, in 1977, came the work for which she is most famous: The Living Mountain. A short but powerful reflection on Shepherd’s experiences walking in the Cairngorms The Living Mountain is now a widely read classic, considered a masterpiece of mountain literature.

“Nan Shepherd, was an intensely private woman. But Charlotte Peacock has been as successful in finding her way into the life of her subject as Shepherd herself was in “finding her way into the mountains”. Into the Mountain unravels the mysteries of this enigmatic writer and brings her vividly to life.”

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Other works by Charlotte Peacock

Wild Geese: Nan Shepherd's writing

Charlotte Peacock is also the editor of Wild Geese: A Collection of Nan Shepherd’s Writing. Published by Galileo in 2018, it contains a selection of essays, reviews and articles printed in magazines and journals. Included in the volume are several previously unpublished poems discovered during research for Into the Mountain.

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Charlotte Peacock’s work in progress

Charlotte Peacock is currently working on a new biography. And, inspired by creating her own writing shed, she’s also exploring writers’ rooms. You can follow her literary tour of where writers write on her blog.

As a freelancer, she takes on a range of different projects for clients from ghostwriting to website copy, blog content and more.

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